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What are dental implants and why should I consider using them?

Dental implants are intended to replace one or multiple teeth. These devices are usually made of titanium because of its biocompatibility with human bone. Dental implants are highly efficient when placed as root form implants and are positioned within the bone. Dental implants can be used when replacing a single tooth in the mouth, or multiple implants have also been used in recent years to replace multiple teeth, as an alternative to using dentures or bridges. Experts at the Family Dental Group in New York have been using dental implants to successfully replace missing teeth with a stable restoration.

How are dental implants put in place?

The suitability of the underlying bone will be assessed using x-rays or CT scans to see if there is enough surface area to support the implant. When the dentist establishes that the underlying bone is able to adequately support the implant, the procedure will begin. The area that will be treated will be put under local anesthesia to eliminate pain sensation during this procedure. The dentist will start with an incision on the gum tissue directly above the intended position on the bone. When the dentist has gained access to the underlying bone, a hole will be drilled on its surface and the implant will be put in place and secured. After this, the implant will be allowed to heal and fuse completely with the bone, which may take anywhere up to several months to complete, depending on the speed at which the patient’s body can heal. After the implant has fused completely with the bone, the patient will be asked to come back into the dentist’s office for the next stage in the procedure, which is the attachment of dental posts that will anchor the restoration in place. These posts will be attached to the titanium implants and a restoration, which is essentially a dental crown, will be anchored to it. If the implants are intended to replace multiple teeth, the restoration could vary to dental bridges or dentures. In any case, the dental implants will serve as a solid anchor for these dental prostheses and will prevent movement and displacement.

What are the results from getting dental implants and how do I maintain them?

A large percentage of dental implants have shown successful results. A low percentage of procedures have failed, however because the bone was not able to fuse successfully with the metal implant. Factors such as smoking can be instrumental in implant failure. In general, implants have proven to be one of the most effective tooth replacement systems in the field of dentistry. When taking care of implants, it is always important to practice exemplary oral hygiene. In much the same way that the patient takes care of their natural teeth, implants require the same amount of effort to keep them, and surrounding gum tissues, clean. Regular dental visit are helpful to ensure the health and functionality of the dental implants. The patient will also be advised to avoid habits such as chewing on hard items that can break the crown on the implant, and staying away from products such as tobacco or caffeine that may stain the restoration. If the patient has an underlying condition of teeth grinding, it is recommended that he get treatment for that as well.

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