Dental Implants in Jefferson Valley, NY

What are dental implants?

The number of patients coming in at the Family Dental Groups asking for dental implants in Jefferson Valley, NY has been on a steady rise because patients now prefer a more permanent and convenient way to restore missing teeth.  In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everybody is always on the go and traditional dentures can be such an inconvenience to some, so that’s why dental implants are becoming more and more popular.  A dental implant is surgically placing an artificial tooth root into the jaw to provide a solid foundation for a replacement tooth or a bridge.  Dental implants are the closest restorative device that looks and feel like your natural tooth.

Why are dental implants the better choice?

Dental implants have numerous benefits and we have listed some of them so that you yourself would know if you think this option works for you.

  • Getting dental implants guarantees that your appearance will improve because it closely resembles your teeth and in some cases, it can look even better.
  • Dental implants are designed to fuse with your gum tissue as it heals.  It is permanent and will last you a lifetime.
  • A dental implant does not require the use of any additional dental apparatus and fills in the gaps caused by your missing teeth.  Both conditions might cause speech issues that are clearly eliminated by dental implants.
  • Dental implants do not require the reduction of the tooth structure of your existing teeth, unlike other dental restorative procedures.
  • It’s like having your own tooth back and compared to dentures, this will be more convenient to have since the patients no longer have to endure any difficulty in eating and maintain it.
  • Dental implants can help you get back that self-confidence that you may have lost because of the embarrassment from missing teeth or dentures that didn’t fit well.

What should I expect during a dental implant procedure?

Our dentists at the Family Dental Group will prepare and discuss an individualized treatment plan for all our patients who seek to have dental implants in Jefferson Valley, NY.  This is important since dental implants involves oral surgery and as with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved that the patient must be aware of prior to commencing with the treatment.  During the procedure, a small titanium post will be positioned in the tooth socket where the missing tooth used to be.  In about 6-12 weeks, this will fuse with the jaw bone and will be securely attached to it.  Abutments will then be placed on both ends of the gap and replacement teeth will be put in between to bridge the gap.

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