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Fix teeth and jaw problems with orthodontics.

All across America, many people suffer from irregularities of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontics is the dental specialty that treats these problems, and an orthodontist is the professional who will provide care. Braces, a common orthodontic treatment, may be recommended to change the positioning of the teeth.

The orthodontist may recommend different types of braces to correct dental irregularities for people of almost any age group. They’re not just for teenagers. Set up a consultation with us the next time you’re wondering, “Where is there a great orthodontist near me?” When you or someone in your family needs treatment, count on our orthodontist in Newburgh for exceptional service.


What are some reasons people get braces in Newburgh?

Irregularities in the teeth and jaw can cause earaches, headaches, and other discomfort. They can also create difficulties in biting, speaking, and chewing. Over time, tooth decay and gum disease can develop. Specific problems with the teeth and jaws include crossbite, open bite, overbite, underbite, buck teeth, gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, jaw misalignment, and other issues. Treatment aims to correct these irregularities, and improve a patient’s facial appearance.

How many different types of braces are available?

These days, those awkward yearbook photos with clunky metal wires in kids’ teeth are no more. Thanks to modern dentistry, many dentist-recommended and effective treatments are virtually invisible to others. Newer options include ceramic braces, invisible braces, and clear braces. Aesthetics, affordability, and efficacy are all factors to consider for patients and their dentist.

Here’s what parents need to know about children’s braces.

A lifetime of good dental health starts with caring for a child’s dental health. Braces for children are a very common treatment. While it’s understandable that a child or a teenager may not be happy about it, in no way should braces be regarded as a social shame or stigma.

The average cost of braces for child depends on many factors. New and innovative types will probably be more costly than older types. It’s also important to find out the details of one’s dental insurance coverage or discount dental plan to determine the cost of braces for a child. Make an appointment at our children’s orthodontist practice to learn more about children’s braces in Newburgh.

Here’s what you need to know about braces for adults.

These days, many people are seeking adult orthodontics based on their dentist’s recommendation, or because they’re concerned about the appearance of their teeth. They’re not just for kids and teens. Thanks to modern dentistry, adults with braces say the new and innovative types are barely visible.

When selecting braces for adults, patients should listen to the recommendation of professionals. Additionally, patients should be aware of the details on insurance coverage and discount dental plan costs for adult braces.

How much will braces cost?

Cost should be only one consideration among many, including your care provider’s recommendation. While the cost of braces can be intimidating, remember that they will reduce the chances of expensive and uncomfortable problems in the future. The price of braces can be less, depending on insurance coverage and dental discount plans. The average cost of braces will vary depending on the price set by dentist offices and the materials that they are made from.

Where is the best place to go for braces?

If a dentist has recommended them for you or someone in your family, or you’re just not satisfied with the aesthetic quality of your smile, you’re probably thinking, “I want to find the best orthodontist near me.” Our orthodontist in Newburgh will make you and your family feel welcome and comfortable with the process every step of the way.

We know another question on your mind may be, “Where can I find affordable braces near me?” We offer a variety of financing options and a discount dental plan to make it affordable. In addition, most dental insurance is accepted. For a consultation about getting braces in Newburgh, call our office today. Call us at (845) 764-9361 today to schedule your appointment or request an appointment online.

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