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Dental Implants in Newburgh, NY

Have you suffered with tooth loss from an injury, tooth decay, or gum disease? Then, dental implants may make it possible for you to regain your smile and self-esteem. Discover answers to all of your questions about this treatment for saving your smile.

What do dental implants do?

Simply put, they serve as replacements for a natural tooth that you have lost. Implants are placed directly into the jawbone via surgery to create strong support for a very natural-looking crown. Usually, the dental implants procedure begins with the dentist placing a screw-shaped titanium post called an endosteal implant in the jawbone. In certain cases, another type of implant called a subperiosteal implant is inserted beneath the gums, yet over the jawbone. A subperiosteal implant is only needed if you lack enough supportive healthy jawbone and aren’t a candidate for a bone graft.

How much do dental implants cost?

There is no precise answer because dental implants cost a different amount for each person based on their needs such as the number of surgeries require and demand for additional dental materials. While implants may be slightly more costly than other options because they offer unsurpassed strength, endurance, longevity, and attractiveness, they are certainly worth any minimal added expense. But no matter our dental restoration needs, you can find dental implants Newburgh that suit your budget at our trusted dental practice. We have made it possible for many patients to get affordable dental implants with our flexible financing terms. Simply call and schedule a consultation so one of our implant dentists can perform an examination and estimate your final costs.

Will costs be covered by dental implants insurance?

Unfortunately, most dental health insurance providers will not cover any portion of your dental implants cost. But don’t think you need dental implants insurance to get affordable dental implants. Many people have found the affordable dental implants they need with one of our convenient financing plans. Call our practice today for additional information about dental implants in Newburgh.

What steps are involved in the dental implants procedure?

Most implant procedures call for the same standard steps. The surgical site will be prepared and then the implant will get embedded into your jawbone. After a few months of healing time, a connector known as an abutment gets firmly secured to the implant. Lastly, the dentist cements a custom-molded crown into place. Be assured that any pain experienced will be very mild and can be soothed by the local anesthetic and over-the-counter medications for pain.

What are the benefits of the dental implants procedure?

With implants, you will discover an abundance of advantages that improve will how you look and feel. The primary benefits of the procedure are:

  • A smile that looks natural and attractive.
  • The ability to speak and eat much easier.
  • Oral hygiene that’s better compared to people those that have bridges and dentures.
  • More protection for nearby teeth.
  • Greater jaw stability
  • A strong sense of confidence.

What kind of care is required?

Proper care of your implants is required, but it’s also surprisingly easy. Reduce any soreness after surgery with an over-the-counter pain medicine recommended by the dentist. After you’ve fully healed, practice the same type of oral hygiene that you would for your natural teeth. This will include daily brush, regular flossing, repeated rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, and twice-a-year visits to the dentist.

Who is eligible for implants?

The first criterion you need for dental implants is a strong desire to improve your smile. Next, you need to be examined by one of our implant dentists to see if you have enough healthy jawbone. If there is not sufficient bone, we can find a way to make implants possible for you. Discover your options today by arranging for a consultation with one of our dentists to discuss your dental needs.

Are implants a permanent dental solution?

Part of what makes implants so appealing is their longevity with proper care and cleaning. But by taking good care of your implants, they can remain strong and beautiful for anywhere from 10 years to your lifetime. Once you’re ready to enjoy a better smile, call our dental practice to see if they can be a solution for you. Call us today at (845) 764-9361 or book an appointment online.

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Super friendly people and good work
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My experience was amazing everyone is friendly and very kind love this place highly recommended
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It’s been a awesome experience bringing my kids here since they were little and they still take care of them
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This office was very clean, the staff were very professional and helpful, and the entire experience was a pleasure. That doesn’t happen often when thinking of a dentist appointment. I have […]
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Had dental implants installed with a great staff who work together. I was frightened but the Doctor Gelnart and staff where the best.
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Great staff – helpful and courteous
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I wish I could give 1000 stars because there’s nothing but stars in the office. Very Happy with the service best practice I’ve been to in 60 years. Great Job! Best Regards The Fernandez […]
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Very caring environment as soon as we entered the door!! Front desk personnel were very polite and attentive! Wonderful dental experience…very much recommended!!
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Highly recommend, they are great especially with children !
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Very good experience at this office. The staff was very friendly. There was a woman who may have been in charge who was very helpful too.
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The staff is super amazing !!!! my husband had a really bad tooth and needed to have it removed and they removed it the same day. He was feeling back to his normal self the next day.. Thx family […]
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Wonderful Staff. Very good Doctor . Very clean.
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