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Are you looking for experienced tooth replacement & tooth repair in Newburgh?

Dental damage can happen to anyone at any time. Regardless of whether the damage is caused by injury, decay, or age, it always demands immediate repair to maintain your appearance, speech, dental health, and function. While some damage, like discoloration, is clearly visible, others types are only felt through oral pain and tooth sensitivity. Without getting the proper treatment, the damage will only get worse and contribute to other dental issues. But who can you trust to restore your teeth and smile? Look no further than our outstanding dental practice. Our dentists offer comprehensive dental repair and tooth replacement in Newburgh. We can find the right remedies for all of your dental concerns and keep your smile in top condition.

Do you need a tooth filling?

According to dental experts, tooth decay now impacts more than 90% of American adults over age 40. The way to treat these cavities easily and affordably is with a filling. The process is very simple, merely requiring that the tooth’s decayed area is removed and then gets filled with a tooth-colored substance. Dentists refer to this as a composite filling. These dental fillings are incredibly durable and won’t be harmed by the pressure of biting and chewing. Yet fillings are only used for teeth with ample healthy structure that can firmly support the filling. Without enough healthy tooth material, a crown is a better treatment.

Can a dental crown treat your problem?

While a filling only fills in part of the tooth, a crown is a cap that covers the entire tooth above the gums. These are used when a tooth is so badly decayed that it must be strengthened by a crown to regain full health and function. If you need a crown, our dentists can produce a very natural-looking crown that appears to have the same color, translucence, shape, and size as your other teeth. This tooth repair treatment typically calls for two visits. The first appointment focuses on preparing the tooth, crafting an impression of the tooth for the crown’s creation, and protecting the area with a temporary crown. The second and final visit is when the permanent crown gets secured into place.

Is a dental bridge your answer?

While a filling or crown is often the solution for existing teeth, they are not suitable for replacing a missing tooth or teeth. This calls for a bridge that covers the whole gap caused by the missing tooth or teeth. A major distinction of a tooth bridge is the way it is permanently secured in the mouth. This makes it different than a similar solution called a partial denture, which is removable.

With a bridge, crowns are bonded to the two teeth surrounding the empty gap in the mouth to provide a way to attach an artificial tooth. There are various kinds of bridges available based on the number of teeth needing replacement. Our dentists can evaluate your needs and determine if a bridge will be best for you. To find out the dental bridge cost, contact our practice to arrange for a convenient consultation.

Will you benefit from a full denture or partial denture?

Losing several or all of your teeth does more than affect your appearance and confidence. It also poses a major threat to your dental health because you need your teeth to comfortably eat, speak, and maintain the health of the surrounding teeth, mouth, and jaw. If you have lost teeth due to age, injury, or decay, you need to seek professional tooth repair to prevent later dental problems.

When a number of teeth are missing, dentures are often recommended. They serve the same purpose as a bridge that’s permanently placed, but a denture is removable. A partial denture is ideal if only a few teeth have been lost, while a full denture will be better if all of your teeth are missing. Our dentists are highly skilled in denture placement for all levels of tooth loss. And in case the denture ever gets damaged, our practice also offers denture repair services. READ MORE

Do you need dental implants?

Another option for replacing a missing tooth is an implant. An implant is simply a titanium post that a dentist must surgically insert directly into the jawbone, which provides maximum stability. Then, this post is topped with a crown or a denture, depending on your needs. Many prefer an implant to other restoration options because it looks just like a natural tooth, has a record of proven success, and can last for a very long time. Our dentists can estimate the cost of dental implants and help you decide if they are the right treatment for you. READ MORE

For knowledgeable dentists who specialize in dental replacement and tooth repair in Newburgh, call our practice to schedule your appointment right away. Call us today at (845) 764-9361 or book an appointment online.

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This is place is great! Great doctors and was in and out very quickly. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Bryan G.
After moving from Westchester to Orange county it has been a challenge finding a good dentist. I called in urgency for an appointment for my husband. The staff was very knowledgeable, comforting and […]
Zatea T.
I have never been a patient here before and when I walked in, the receptionist was informative and kind. This office was the only dental office willing to examine me and perform an extraction on the […]
Latasha G.
Great Customer Service… =)
Rebecca D.
The doctor was very kind and gentle as well as knowledgeable and upbeat.
Rosemarie T.
For a person who didn’t like to go to dentist due to the fear and being In embarassed I have to say that ever since I took my daughter for cleaning and talking to Hope the hygienist about my […]
Yadira R.
One of the best pediatric dentistry I have experienced. My three year old was happy leaving and I would recommend to any mother that wants their child in good hands!
Mea O.
Great dental work and Dentist
Monique L.
Great dentist office. Always quick and professional. Tiffany is amazing and always makes it a good expierence. Dr. Patel is a great dentist and is always professional ……. T.R
E M.
Everyone is very nice. Have anxiety with dentist and Dr. Patel was great. Quick and painless root canal. Would recommend
Furthest R.
They have a friendly and helpful staff. They put my mind at ease about my three extractions.
Ian-William F.
This office was very clean, the staff were very professional and helpful, and the entire experience was a pleasure. That doesn’t happen often when thinking of a dentist appointment. I have […]
Alycia T.
Doctor O was very nice I was nervous at first, but he was very informative, and patient.
Jordyn H.
Everyone was very nice and my Dr, Dr Patel, explained exactly what I was having done every step of the way. His assistant, Tiffany, was so sweet. She was very comforting as dentist’s usually […]
It’s been a awesome experience bringing my kids here since they were little and they still take care of them
Cecilio R.
Dr Deans is a fabulous dentist
Christopher R.
Always have problems with dentist, and I explain it to them. .this time I went to Family Dental in Newburgh, and that was awesome, i didn’t felt anything. Was good visit ,Thank you!!!
Mariceliz G.
The staff was friendly and made you feel comfortable. Overall I had an awesome experience.
Gwendolyn B.
The dentist and the whole staff was super nice and helpful! My daughter, who has a fear of doctors, was treated so well and the dentist really kid friendly!
Megan T.
Wonderful Staff. Very good Doctor . Very clean.
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