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10 Tips for Brighter Smiles

Your smile can say a lot about you and can be the first impression many people get of you and your personality. At Family Dental Group, our dentists and dental hygienists can provide you with the right recipe for whiter teeth. We aim to help you feel much more confident in your appearance and to provide you with options for enhancing the…

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All About Oral Cancers

Mouth cancer shows up as a sore or growth in the oral cavity or throat (pharynx) that does not disappear on its own. It can appear on the cheeks, tongue, lips, mouth floor, soft and hard palate, throat and sinuses. If you don’t diagnose and treat mouth cancer early, it could become life-threatening. When you detect mouth cancer early enough,…

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National Dental Hygiene Month Comes in October

It’s often hard for people to pick a favorite month of the year. For dental hygienists and dentists alike, many of them are fans of October. There are, of course, many reasons to love this month. Perhaps you’re a fan of Halloween, or maybe you just really like pumpkin-flavored treats. One reason professionals in the dental industry like October, though,…

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Gum Care Awareness Month

September Is Gum Care Awareness Month  To many, gum care is just something that happens. It’s not something they’re concerned with for themselves. However, good gum care is as essential to your good oral health as brushing your teeth is to reducing cavities. Taking good care of your gums is an easy but effective way to take good care of…

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The Right Way to Deal With Dental Emergencies Right

If you’re experiencing intense pain in your mouth, uncontrollable swelling, or bleeding from your mouth or have a fever, call your dentist in Hudson Valley right away. If your dentist is not available for emergency dentistry, visit the hospital emergency room. Not all emergencies are immediately life-threatening, but all dental emergencies can become life-threatening if they’re not dealt with in an…

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Basic Dental Care in Hudson Valley

One of the best ways to take care of your physical health is to take good care of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Good oral hygiene should be an intrinsic part of your personal health habits, and this is supported by research. Statistics have shown a direct correlation between poor dental health and severe health problems such as stroke, dementia,…

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When Is It Time to See an Oral Surgeon?

You’ve likely heard of an oral surgeon but might not know when you may need one. A dental surgeon is a specific type of dentist who spent four years in dental school and then four years in a hospital surgical residency. Because of this extensive training, oral surgeons are very skilled when it comes to diagnosing and performing advanced procedures,…

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Uncover the Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Every tooth has two parts; the crown and a root or several roots. Teeth also have three layers, with pulp being the innermost layer. There’s a pulp chamber in the crown and pulp canals that extend into the roots. Trauma or a deep, untreated cavity can allow bacteria to reach the pulp, making it infected and inflamed. The pulp contains…

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What to Expect With a Tooth Extraction

Fear of the unknown is nowhere more evident than in the usual reaction to a dental visit. Although it’s understandable given the abundance and variety of very sharp instruments and noisy tools next to the dentist’s chair, the fear can be conquered by understanding the reason it’s needed and the details of your procedure, including the cost. Tooth extractions are…

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Understanding Sensitive Teeth

If eating hot or cold foods or those that are sweet or sour causes pain in your mouth, then you may have sensitive teeth. Although sensitive teeth are very common, it’s an easily treatable condition, and you can live without tooth pain while enjoying your favorite foods. Experiencing pain when you eat removes the enjoyment of eating, especially when it’s…

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