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Reasons and Remedies for Tooth Discoloration

Tooth stains and discoloration are an unsightly dental issue that cause many people to feel less confident in themselves and in their smiles. Learn how you can treat and prevent this issue so that you can smile widely once again. What Causes Discolored Teeth? There isn’t just one cause behind discolored teeth. Aging is an incredibly common one. As you…

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Flossing Is A Must, Not Merely a Consideration

Even though we’ve heard throughout our lives that brushing a minimum of twice daily will provide us with good dental health, that was slightly inaccurate. Dental professionals and researchers now know that we need to floss as well as brush if we’re to maximize the dental benefits from our daily routine. Not only does this single strand of floss work…

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Causes of Bleeding Gums and Gum Disease

If you occasionally notice minor bleeding during or after brushing and flossing but think little or nothing of it, you might be in the first stage of gum disease. This means that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to ensure that your gingivitis is stopped before it progresses to periodontal disease. At this point, any damage that gingivitis…

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Brush Up on the Benefits of Brushing

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day is something that you’ve been told to do since you were a small child. Due to this, you may be wondering why you need to learn all about brushing your teeth. For many people, brushing and flossing are such a routine task that they fail to utilize proper techniques or give it a…

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Invisalign: Frequently Asked Questions

If your smile makes you frown, then Invisalign aligner trays may provide you with the beautifully straight and even teeth that you want. As an added benefit, when you have straight, even teeth, you’ll have better oral hygiene because it’s difficult to reach all the crevices and crannies that occur when you have a malocclusion. Best of all, the Invisalign…

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10 Signs of Sleep Apnea

Knowing the signs of sleep apnea can help you and your family to manage this serious condition more easily. Sleep apnea occurs when breathing stops briefly during sleep. The episodes of stopped breathing could last for 10 seconds or even longer. Sleep apnea is believed to affect as many as 22 million Americans and can have a real impact on…

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Has the Pandemic Cracked Your Teeth?

The New York Times recently reported that more dental patients are reporting jaw pain, migraines, and sensitive teeth since the coronavirus shutdown. Tooth fractures are also increasing due to the rising incidence of bruxism that’s thought to be caused by stress from the global shutdown. If you are concerned you might be grinding or clenching your teeth more often due…

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Dental Care Basics

A healthy mouth can be one of the most important aspects of your physical health. Maintaining good oral hygiene habits means you’re more likely to have both top-notch oral health and physical health. Learning the most important aspects of good oral health will enable you to maintain healthy teeth and gums. This will contribute to your overall good health since…

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Are Dental Implants Right for You?

What Is a Dental Implant? Dental implants serve as replacement tooth roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. They’re used in conjunction with dental crowns, an implant-supported bridge, or partial or full dentures to fill the gaps caused by tooth loss. Once the implant fuses to the jaw, it provides a solid, long-lasting foundation for replacing one or more…

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Gingivitis: Symptoms and Causes in Hudson Valley

What Is the Prevalence of Periodontal Disease? The initial stage of gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is known as gingivitis. This mild form of gum disease causes inflammation and swelling of the gum tissue and is characterized by puffy, red gums that bleed when you floss or brush. If not treated with regular professional cleanings and good oral health…

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