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You can count on us for exceptional care.

There are a variety of reasons patients come to us seeking dental services in Brewster. Some are in need of a new dental services provider. Others have recently moved into town and are looking for convenient dental health services. And a few need to get their dental health back on track after years of procrastination.

Whatever your needs, our dentists, dental hygienists, and staff will make you feel welcome and provide excellent service. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find reliable dental services near me?” call our office today.

For dental emergencies, seek help from our professionals.

Whether it’s the result of an injury, a disease, or an infection, a dental emergency can be scary. That’s why it’s good to be prepared. From missing and damaged teeth to toothaches and infections, our office can help with emergency dental care.

Call our emergency dental office and, if possible, we’ll make sure you can meet with an emergency dentist during office hours the same day. When your thoughts are racing, and you’re asking, “Where can I find an emergency dentist near me?” you can rely on us. We provide dental services in Brewster you can trust. READ MORE

We make dental services convenient and affordable.

We can perform a wide variety of common dental procedures in our office. You don’t have to compromise quality for reasonable dental procedure costs. Our office accepts most dental insurance. In addition, we offer discount plans and financing options.

A selection of our dental services:

Exams & Cleanings

Cleanings and exams are key to your dental health. Our dentist will evaluate your dental health, looking for signs of tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease, teeth grinding, and loss of bone. READ MORE

Dental Care for Children

Our children’s dental specialists will clean and examine your child’s teeth, making sure all are coming in properly. We’ll also teach good dental hygiene habits. Your child’s dental health is in good hands. READ MORE

Crowns & Bridges

These are two common restorations for damaged or missing teeth. Crowns restore intact teeth, while bridges fill spaces left by extracted or missing teeth. READ MORE

Dentures & Partials

Complete dentures replace all the teeth in the mouth. Partial dentures replace only certain sections. Dentures are a boost to health and self-confidence. READ MORE

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another way to replace missing teeth. READ MORE

Cosmetic Dental Services

Restore your charming and confident smile with cosmetic dental services such as whitening, porcelain restoration, and veneers. READ MORE

Teeth Whitening

Enjoy whiter, brighter teeth fast with our teeth whitening services. A selection of treatments is available. READ MORE


Teenage boys and girls often need braces to straighten teeth. But they’re not only for kids. Braces can help straighten teeth at any age. READ MORE


A clear and removable alternative to metal braces, Invisalign is a popular option for those seeking straighter teeth. READ MORE

Oral Surgery

Due to injury, decay, or disease, oral surgery is sometimes necessary. Call us to inquire about our oral surgery services. READ MORE

Root Canal Treatment

When tooth pulp is infected, painful and dangerous conditions can result. A root canal treatment clears out the infection. READ MORE


A tooth extraction may be necessary due to disease, decay, and injury. READ MORE

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

In sleep apnea, patients’ sleep is interrupted by temporary cessation of breath. Sleep apnea can cause many different health problems, as well as disruptive snoring. READ MORE


Mouthguards are recommended for children and teens involved in athletic activities.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically come in around the age of 18, and can cause problems for other teeth and gums. To learn more about removal of wisdom teeth, contact us. READ MORE

Read What Our Patients Say
Patient Reviews
First time there due to an emergency situation.The staff and Dr. Kesselmen were very friendly, efficient and most accommodating to myself and wife. Would definitely recommend this group. Wish they […]
I went there today. They got me in the chair 15 min early. James was the assistant did a great job. All the employees there are great.
Mike R.
I’ve been going to Family Dental for a little over a year now and all the work they do is great. I see Dr.Gurfinkel and her assistant Terry and I highly recommend them. They make you feel […]
Marissa M.
Dr. Gurfinkel and Terry are the BEST! Terry is so funny and immediately made me feel comfortable, which is rare because i hate going to the dentist. They both made my visit very fun, and super quick!
Mitty F.
Great visit. Staff was friendly and efficient. My Hygienist was very nice and informative.
Catherine P.
Dr. Lucchese and Terry were the best decision I made in two years of dealing with an issue that was misdiagnosed with several Dentists consultations, x-rays, ins co appeals and lots and lots of pain. […]
Sherry L.
This visit was for my routine cleaning. The hygienist, Renee, was both professional and personable. She explained everything she was going to do and answered all my questions. I then had a check-up […]
Ronald P.
Great staff the best I’ve seen and had help me. Every single appt. was right on time, and I’ve been there over seven times so far. I won’t go anywhere else now. They have completed […]
Matthew D.
Renne is amazing hygienist i never want anyone else again
Andrea G.
Prompt, professional, & pleasant.
Natalie G.
I was horrified at the beginning because I hate going to the dentist, I am so afraid normally when I have to go but here I feel super comfortable. Dr. Gurfinkel and Terry are awesome. They were Very […]
Raquel A.
Dr Kesselman was excellent. Did a root canal for my wife. He was caring and thoughtful to our needs and concerns.
Zhen L.
Did not feel any pain while he gave me the needles, unbelievable! Friendliest staff!
Mike D.
Swift to assess the problem: quick, concise, and sure with the fix, and immediate care to address the blown-out molar. Amazing, really; and minimal to zero pain! Impressed with high level of […]
Dr. Gurfinkel and Terry are great! They listen, are so kind and make me feel comfortable.
Grace M.
All the staff is extremely courteous, friendly & helpful. Especially James! Thank you :-)
Stella K.
I went in for a wisdom teeth extraction. I had went in for an initial consultation and Dr. Oh had informed me that I needed to get all four of them extracted. Dr. Oh was very thorough with what he […]
Nicole B.
The office staff is professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Luchesse is wonderful. He puts you at ease and informs you on all your dental needs. I had extensive dental work previously with Dr. Gelbart […]
Helen P.
The staff is kind curtious and friendly. They put you right at ease. The dentists are gentle, informative, and warm.. I would highly recommend !!!!
Loretta S.
The Dentists and the staff are wonderful
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