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Who can you trust for dental repair and tooth replacement in Brewster?

Your smile should make you feel confident, but often bad habits, dental problems, discoloration, injuries, and age can cause embarrassing damage to your teeth and gums. You may also suffer some symptoms of a larger dental issue and need to get relief. One common concern is extreme tooth sensitivity to hot and cold substances, which often indicates that the tooth’s enamel, which covers the nerves in the teeth, has been affected by decay or injury. Another frequent problem is experiencing sharp pains when biting down, which can be a sign of a cracked tooth that needs repair. And there are many other dental concerns that require professional tooth repair for your quality of life and comfort, such as missing teeth that affect your appearance and your speech. But all of these dental problems can be conveniently and comfortably solved at our outstanding dental practice. Our dental specialists are trusted by many for highly skilled tooth replacement and tooth repair in Brewster. Let our practice help you restore your smile’s function and appeal.

What is the best treatment for tooth decay?

Did you know that tooth decay strikes 90% of Americans? The American Dental Association says most adults between the ages of 20 and 64 have had at least three teeth with cavities. Experts agree that a tooth filling is the most affordable and convenient type of tooth repair for a decayed tooth.

Composite fillings are the most common type of cavity filling. For the procedure, the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth and seals it with a filling made of a tooth-colored substance. This substance bonds to the tooth and strengthens it so it can withstand the pressure of biting and chewing.

Generally, dental fillings work most effectively for teeth with only a small area of decay because this leaves an ample amount of natural tooth structure to hold the filling. If the tooth lacks enough healthy natural structure, then a crown is a better option.

When are dental crowns recommended?

A dental crown is a cap placed on top of a tooth to strengthen it and restore its full function. Our dentists have extensive experience in creating natural-looking crowns that match the exact color, shape, and translucence of the surrounding teeth. This ensures that no will ever know that your crown is not your original tooth.

The tooth crown procedure typically requires two dental visits. The first appointment is focused on preparing the tooth for the crown and having an impression made that will be sent to a dental lab for its creation. At the end of the appointment, the dentist will place a temporary crown over the affected tooth for protection until the final crown is ready for placement. The second visit is devoted to bonding the permanent crown into place.

What are your choices for a dental bridge?

While crowns and fillings and crowns are ideal for repairing existing teeth, dentists recommend a dental appliance called a tooth bridge to cover the large space left by missing teeth.

While it may sound similar to a partial denture that is removable, a bridge is different because it is permanently fixed in the mouth. A bridge is comprised of two crowns placed over the existing teeth surrounding the missing tooth or teeth. These crowns get affixed to an artificial tooth known as a pontic, which resembles a crown, but doesn’t have a natural tooth under it like a crown does. A three-unit bridge features two crowns and one pontic and is used when only one tooth is missing. A four-unit bridge requires a pair of both crowns and pontics and is used when two teeth have been lost. Dentists can create even longer bridges when more teeth have been lost.

To determine if a bridge is the best form of replacement for you, call our office today to arrange your consultation.

What are some ways to replace missing teeth?

While missing teeth require replacement for cosmetic and comfort reasons, they also must be replaced to support your jaw, cheeks, mouth, and remaining teeth. If you are only missing a few teeth, then a partial denture can be right for you. When you’ve lost all of your upper or lower teeth, you will need a full or complete denture. Compared to bridges that are permanently in place, dentures are removable. Our practice offers a variety of dentures and partials, including implant-supported dentures, along with denture repair services. And, if you’ve been asking, “Where can I find denture repair near me?”, we can also help with that.

Should you restore missing teeth with dental implants?

Another option for a missing tooth is a dental implant. It is a tiny, titanium post that gets embedded into the jawbone and topped with either a denture or a natural-looking crown. While they may resemble crowns, implants serve as the entire tooth instead of just a covering. They have a solid record of effectiveness and can last decades or even a lifetime with proper care. READ MORE

To find the dental restoration option that’s right for your smile, trust our dental specialists for full range of dental replacement and tooth repair in Brewster. To learn more, including the cost of dental implants, call our office today to schedule your consultation. Call us today at (845) 764-9263 or book an appointment online.

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All the staff is extremely courteous, friendly & helpful. Especially James! Thank you :-)
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Great professional family oriented service…from the front desk to the back, all were amazing. Michelle, Kristen, Katarina and of course Dr G.
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Dr was knowledgeable. Also very thorough, pain free quick work.
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Wonderful place and people!
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Always a good experience. The staff is professional and personable. The dentist and dental hygienist were great.
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I went here for my Dental Cleaning and they are kind and very professional.
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The staff is kind curtious and friendly. They put you right at ease. The dentists are gentle, informative, and warm.. I would highly recommend !!!!
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Michelle, the hygienist, was awesome!
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