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Root Canal Treatment in Brewster, NY

The Basics Behind a Root Canal

Sometimes, serious tooth decay can cause your tooth’s inner tissue, called the pulp, to become infected or exposed, which can cause significant dental pain and functional problems. When this occurs, the only remedy is usually a root canal. The procedure known as endodontic treatment can remove the tooth’s unhealthy pulp, which will put an end to the pain and suffering.

When Is the Procedure Needed?

When the tooth’s pulp tissue become terribly infected or damaged, the tooth is unable to naturally restore itself. The only way to repair and ultimately save the tooth is for a dentist to perform a root canal. The symptoms below can signal the need for the treatment:

  • Ongoing moderate to extreme tooth pain.
  • Dental discomfort that awakens you at night.
  • Sharp pangs of pain on the tooth when biting.
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch, heat, or cold.
  • Severe swelling of the tooth’s surrounding gums.
  • Major cavities.
  • Tooth discoloration.

What Kind of Dentist Does Root Canal Therapy in Brewster?

A root canal dentist can be either a general dentist for basic cases, or a specialist known as an endodontist for more complex dental situations. If you’re looking to find an experienced dentist near you, look no further than our dental practice in Brewster. Call us today for a consultation with one of our experienced dental providers.

What’s the Procedure for a Root Canal?

In most cases, the entire root canal procedure only takes about an hour or two to complete. The process typically calls for these steps:

  1. Your root canal dentist will numb the tooth to prevent any pain.
  2. The tooth will be kept isolated and clean with a tiny shield.
  3. An opening will be made in the tooth’s crown to let the dentist access its inner pulp.
  4. The dentist will remove the pulp and use special tools to fully cleanse and shape the canals.
  5. The canals will be disinfected to take out any debris.
  6. A rubbery substance will be used to fill the canals and the tooth will be sealed.
  7. Finally, a crown is used to cap the tooth. This root canal crown protects the tooth from fracture.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost of your treatment will be based the severity of your problem and your dental needs throughout the procedure. Other factors that will determine the final cost include the type of dentist required and the location of the damaged tooth, which affects the number of roots inside the tooth that need repair. Frequently, the cost of some or all of the treatment is covered by dental insurance. To find out what your total cost is estimated to be, let one of our dentists perform a thorough examination. Call to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled providers of root canal in Brewster.

The Comfort of Root Canal Treatment

Don’t assume that the procedure is painful. Thanks to local anesthesia, you will be kept comfortable throughout the entire treatment. In case any tooth pain or discomfort is experienced in the days after the treatment, you simply need to call our dental office as soon as possible so we can relieve any pain or problems. Call us at (845) 764-9263 today to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online.

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Catherine P.
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Excellent care
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I went there today. They got me in the chair 15 min early. James was the assistant did a great job. All the employees there are great.
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Very thorough cleaning and professional service!
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Hope and Renee are 2 of the best hygienists that I have ever had work on my teeth. They take the time to do a GREAT job.
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Sherry L.
First time there due to an emergency situation.The staff and Dr. Kesselmen were very friendly, efficient and most accommodating to myself and wife. Would definitely recommend this group. Wish they […]
They were very good at what they do
Anthony T.
Wonderful place and people!
Isabela C.
I’ve been going to Family Dental for a little over a year now and all the work they do is great. I see Dr.Gurfinkel and her assistant Terry and I highly recommend them. They make you feel […]
Marissa M.
Dr. Friedman and Jessica did a great job straightening my teeth with the invisalign treatment. I am very happy with the results and Dr. Friedman is very attentive to his patients. Thank you.
Dan E.
Renne is amazing hygienist i never want anyone else again
Andrea G.
The visit was a 6 month cleaning with Hope. She was excellent; she was very gentle and professional.
Anne M.
Been a patient at Family Dental for years now and travel all the way from Long Island there too. Dr Gelbart and his staff are kind, caring and very gentle. The staff are all upbeat and happy which is […]
Deborah T.
Dr. Gurfunkel and Terry work like a well oiled machine. Each knows what the other is thinking. Amazing Duo!!
Peter J.
Its the staff that makes this place a 5 star rating to me. Kristen, Evelyn, and many more.
Alyssa V.
Although I was there to have several teeth extracted i did feel very at ease. The assistant Trisha was great by taking to me about music and kids I felt very comfortable even though I knew what was […]
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The cleaning was fantastic Reena the higenist was the best hope to see her again
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Dr. Ayuko and Dr. Gelbart are both wonderful!! I would recommend Dr. Ayuko for general dentistry. He is caring and very attentive to his patients. I would recommend Dr. Gelbart for implants as he is […]
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