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Complete Dentures & Partial Dentures in Newburgh, NY

Are you missing teeth? Do you need to have your teeth extracted because of a health problem? Getting a partial or complete denture in Newburgh may be the ideal option for you. Take a look at dentures and their types. Then, talk to our staff about which treatment would best fit your needs.

What Are Full Dentures and Partial Dentures?

Dentures are essentially removable teeth that fill the gaps left by missing teeth. There are two types of dentures. Full dentures, which are also called complete dentures, replace an entire row of missing teeth. Partial dentures are used when only a few teeth are missing.

At Family Dental Group of Newburgh, our team creates full dentures and partial dentures to resemble natural teeth as closely as possible.

What Kind of Denture Would Work Best for Me

The type of denture that works best for you depends on your particular needs. Conventional full dentures are used to replace a full row of teeth on either the upper or lower jaw. When all of the patient’s natural teeth have been removed and the gum tissue has healed, the full denture can be placed in the mouth. Don’t worry: we can give you a temporary denture, which is also called an immediate denture, to wear while you’re waiting for the gum to heal and the permanent denture to be placed.

Once the permanent full denture is placed, it’s common to return for comfort adjustments. That’s because the shape of the jawbone and gums changes once they are no longer holding natural teeth in place. The supporting bone recedes over time, and this can cause the denture fit to loosen.

Partial dentures, which are also called partials, are dentures that replace only a few missing teeth in a person’s mouth. Partials rest on a metal framework that attaches to the patient’s natural teeth for support. If the patient’s natural teeth are not sufficient to hold the partial in place, then our dentist can place crowns over the supporting teeth to serve as more stable anchors.

Implant-Supported Dentures

As another full denture option, implant-supported dentures are different from the others because they attach to dental implants instead of just resting on your gums. The nature of denture implants requires that you have enough jawbone to support the cosmetic teeth.

You have several options for implant-retained dentures. Bar-retained dentures connect to as many as five implants with clips that are fixed to a thin metal bar. Ball-retained dentures use ball-shaped metal attachments and sockets to connect to your implants. These types of implant-supported dentures are removable; you still take out the false teeth to clean them.

Our dentists in Newburgh can also create permanent dentures. This type of implant-supported denture is not removable. Instead the full denture is permanently attached to two, four, or more dental implants. The benefit to this type of denture is that you always have teeth in your mouth. They look completely natural and can allow you to enjoy all the activities you could do when you had a full set of healthy, natural teeth.

Call us for a consultation and a denture implants cost estimate. Call us at (845) 764-9361 today to schedule your appointment or request an appointment online.

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Very caring environment as soon as we entered the door!! Front desk personnel were very polite and attentive! Wonderful dental experience…very much recommended!!
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Highly recommend, they are great especially with children !
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After moving from Westchester to Orange county it has been a challenge finding a good dentist. I called in urgency for an appointment for my husband. The staff was very knowledgeable, comforting and […]
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Wonderful Staff. Very good Doctor . Very clean.
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It’s been a awesome experience bringing my kids here since they were little and they still take care of them
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Had dental implants installed with a great staff who work together. I was frightened but the Doctor Gelnart and staff where the best.
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The dentist and the whole staff was super nice and helpful! My daughter, who has a fear of doctors, was treated so well and the dentist really kid friendly!
Megan T.
I have been coming to Family Dental Group since they first opened. I also bring my 6 year old and have already made an appointment for my 2 year old. Dr Patel, Dr Saintil, Star, Tifany, Johmir, Kia, […]
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Great dental work and Dentist
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Yo estoy muy contento de ser pasiente de aqui son muy amables y ay espesialistas muy buenos el personal es. Muy amable
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Dr. Patel was absolutely amazing. Very caring and patient. Fast results. His assistants take the time to listen and cares. They really about their patients. If I ever need a dentist again I will most […]
Sophia F.
The staff is super amazing !!!! my husband had a really bad tooth and needed to have it removed and they removed it the same day. He was feeling back to his normal self the next day.. Thx family […]
Elisha K.
Dr Deans is a fabulous dentist
Christopher R.
Doctor O was very nice I was nervous at first, but he was very informative, and patient.
Jordyn H.
Always have problems with dentist, and I explain it to them. .this time I went to Family Dental in Newburgh, and that was awesome, i didn’t felt anything. Was good visit ,Thank you!!!
Mariceliz G.
After a sleepless night in agony from a wicked toothache my wife contacted the Family Dental Group of Newburgh explaining my situation and desperation. I was so relieved and thrilled to hear the […]
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My experience was amazing everyone is friendly and very kind love this place highly recommended
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Great staff – helpful and courteous
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