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What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, which can be called gingivitis and gum disease depending on its severity, is an inflammation or infection of the gum tissue that surrounds teeth and helps to hold them in place. This gradual disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in Americans over the age of 35. The first stage of gum disease, gingivitis, is the only stage that is reversible. Our dentists aggressively treat periodontal gum disease in Brewster to help our patients restore and maintain their oral health. Catching the condition early is key to reversing gum disease. If you’re seeing symptoms of gingivitis on your gums, call our office today to make an appointment.

What causes gingivitis?

Causes of gingivitis are best summarized as poor oral hygiene. This is also one of the leading bleeding gums causes. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, a sticky, bacteria-laden substance called plaque builds up on your teeth. After some time, plaque turns into a harder substance called tartar, which further irritates and inflames your gum tissues. Gingivitis causes can be cured by prevention and gingivitis treatment. If the condition advances, the infected gums pull away from the teeth, lessening the support. All told, if you’re ever wondering “what causes gum disease and what are the signs of gingivitis?” it comes down to poor oral hygiene. A gingivitis cure is possible with the supervision of your dentist and diligent oral hygiene.

What are some gum disease symptoms and signs?

Early gingivitis may be present for a long period of time without causing any symptoms. Your dentist also knows the signs of gingivitis and may be able to catch it early. Gingivitis treatment and a gingivitis cure are possible at this stage. When gingivitis symptoms and symptoms of gum disease first start to develop, you may experience the following:

Early signs of gingivitis:

  • Puffy, red, or sensitive gums
  • Bad breath or an unusual taste
  • Bleeding when you brush or floss

Your dentist’s diagnosis will be when he or she sees the following gingivitis and gum infection symptoms during an examination:

Symptoms of periodontal disease:

  • Swollen gum tissues
  • Gums that are pulling away from the base of your teeth
  • Loose teeth or unusual gaps between teeth
  • Visible pus between your teeth and gums
  • Pockets of inflammation at the base of your gums

Gum disease stages:


During the beginning stages of gum disease, you may experience minor bleeding when brushing or flossing, usually without any pain. When only these mild gingivitis symptoms are present, you are at the first stage of gum disease and have the best chances of achieving a rapid gingivitis cure. Our skilled dentists can identify early signs of gingivitis and help you manage them before signs of gum disease get worse.


If gum disease symptoms aren’t addressed, you may develop periodontitis. At this stage, the bone and supporting tissues that hold your teeth in place are permanently damaged. Periodontal pockets at your gum line begin to trap food and plaque, which contain bacteria and causes even faster disease progression. More aggressive measures are needed to treat these advanced gum disease symptoms.

Advanced Periodontitis

In the final stages of gum disease, the bone and tissues supporting your teeth are destroyed. Once you’ve developed advanced periodontitis, your teeth may shift, loosen, or fall out. Avoid these serious consequences with vigilant dental hygiene and early dental health treatment for gum disease in Brewster.

How to cure gingivitis with treatment.

Can gingivitis be cured? The earlier you are diagnosed, the easier it will be to provide an effective gingivitis cure. Your dentist can teach you how to treat gingivitis. Treating gingivitis early includes a strict oral hygiene routine and professional teeth cleaning. With care and diligence, an early cure is within reach. To determine if you are suffering from the early stages of gum disease, contact us to schedule a dental evaluation today.

Does a dentist know how to cure gum disease? Once your condition has advanced past the gingivitis stage, there is no gum disease cure. So when conservative gingivitis treatment isn’t enough, your dentist will devise a plan for more aggressive gum disease treatment that may include professional scaling and root planing below the gum line, antibiotic treatment, and antibacterial mouth rinses. Your dentist may refer you to a gum specialist, called a periodontist. In extreme cases, gum surgery may be necessary. There is no periodontitis cure, but it’s important to obtain professional treatment for advanced gum disease in Brewster before complications develop. Contact us today to get started.

How to reverse gum disease.

Is gingivitis reversible? Yes! It may be possible to reverse gingivitis on your own, but when you see your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, your chances of successfully reversing gum disease are much higher. Our dentists can help you battle against gum disease and save your smile. Don’t ignore early gingivitis symptoms. Reversing gum disease is only possible at the gingivitis stage. Call us to schedule your consultation today. Your gingivitis cure could be days away! Call us at (845) 764-9263 today to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online.

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