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Oral and maxillofacial surgery, commonly referred to as dental surgery by the public, is a dentistry specialty focused on diagnosing and treating defects, injuries, and diseases of the oral and maxillofacial region. Oral surgery is surgery in the mouth. Maxillofacial surgery is jaw surgery and surgery to the face. When surgery is performed on the jaw to correct misalignment or other irregularities, this is known as orthognathic surgery.

If your dentist recommends oral and maxillofacial surgery and you’re wondering, “Where is there dental surgery near me?” you’ll be in the best of hands at our office for oral surgery in Brewster.

What are oral surgery services?

Wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that typically come in after age 18. Wisdom tooth extraction is a very common procedure. However, many people go through their lives without needing them removed.
An oral surgeon may recommend wisdom teeth removal if:

  • The jaw is not large enough for the wisdom teeth to come in properly.
  • The wisdom teeth are coming through the gums at an awkward angle.
  • The wisdom teeth are damaging the jawbone or other teeth.

Modern dentistry has made it easier than ever to remove wisdom teeth. If the patient is having only one wisdom tooth removed, a local anesthetic may be used. However, if the patient is having more than one wisdom tooth extracted, or if the wisdom tooth or wisdom teeth are impacted (stuck under the gum line), then the oral surgeon may recommend IV sedation or another type of sedative. The number of extractions, particulars of the procedure, and use of anesthetics or sedation are all factors that will determine the wisdom teeth removal cost.

Tooth extractions

There are times when dental decay, infection, or an injury is so severe that the tooth can no longer be restored. In those cases, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. It may also be needed when one or more teeth are impacting tooth alignment, requiring pulling teeth. The oral surgeon may pull a tooth that is preventing another tooth from coming in properly or to make space for orthodontic treatment. The tooth extraction cost will vary widely depending on the location and condition of the tooth and the specifics of the procedure.

Dental implants

People who are missing a tooth or teeth may be in need of dental implants. The titanium post of a tooth implant mimics the root of a natural tooth to preserve the jawbone. This keeps other teeth from sliding out of position, maintains facial proportions, and reduces sagging and wrinkles. The dental implant cost will depend on the number needed, and what the implants are made of. The tooth implant cost is worth it, because implants can prevent damage and loss of other teeth.

Oral cancer diagnosis

Oral cancer screening is an important service provided by many dental professionals. Though tobacco use is sometimes associated with oral cancer, it is not the only cause. Oral cancer symptoms include lumps or thickening in oral tissues, difficulty chewing or swallowing, trouble moving the jaw or tongue, ear pain, or swelling of the jaw. Fortunately, oral cancer prognosis (chances for recovery) is positive if oral cancer diagnosis is made early. Early oral cancer detection gives patients and care providers options on treatment.

Oral cancer treatment

Oral surgeons are important for oral cancer treatment, but they are not the only healthcare provider a patient will see. Treatment for oral cancer may involve chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments, along with surgery. Chances of an oral cancer cure are good if the condition is caught early.

Pre-orthodontic surgery

Pre-orthodontic surgery is orthodontic surgery performed before the patient gets braces. This may be needed when one or more teeth need to be extracted to allow for the rest of the teeth to be properly aligned. It may also be necessary to expose permanent teeth that are partially or completely below the gum line. Orthodontic jaw surgery and orthognotic surgery are other types of surgery related to orthodontics. Before performing these surgeries, the care provider may have the patient wear braces for a period of months. The orthodontic surgery cost will depend on the specifics of the procedure being performed.

Pre-prosthetic surgery

Before a patient gets dentures, the dentist may recommend pre-prosthetic surgery to ensure that the dental prosthetics (sometimes called teeth prosthetics) will fit. Prosthetic surgery services may include extracting natural teeth, building up the underlying bone, building up the gum line, and removing any hard, bony bumps, which are called tori. Serious diseases or injuries to the jaw, or the temporomandibular joint, may require prosthetic surgery and a prosthetic jaw.

TMJ and TMD Treatment

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint, which is the small joint located where the skull and lower jaw meet. It allows the lower jaw to open and close. Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) refers to a problem with this joint, which can lead to jaw pain, headaches, earaches, clicking sounds, or the inability to correctly open or close the mouth. TMJ pain is a common complaint of dental patients, and in response many dental offices have an area of their practice dedicated to TMJ pain treatment.
There are many forms of non-surgical TMJ treatment and TMD treatment dentists will recommend before resorting to surgery. Lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and medications may be part of the treatment for TMJ. Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a common cause of TMJ issues, so bruxism treatment will likely be a part of TMJ disorder treatment. In addition, many jaw pain treatment therapies and procedures may be used to correct TMJ problems.
Some people call their TMJ problems “lockjaw,” which is incorrect. Lockjaw is the common name for tetanus, a life-threatening disease. Tetanus treatment (lockjaw treatment) is provided by a medical doctor, rather than a dental professional.

How should I schedule an oral surgery consultation?

Depending on your condition, your primary care provider and dentist may recommend a wide range of therapies and treatments before oral maxillofacial surgery. But when it comes time for you to ask, “Where is there dental surgery near me?” contact our office for oral surgery in Brewster. No matter which service you need, you can depend on us to keep you as comfortable as possible before, during, and after the procedure. After the surgery, we’ll send you home with easy-to-understand instructions to ensure that your recovery is smooth.

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