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Dental anxiety is very common, and visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for many people. Fortunately, with the help of our soothing sedation dentistry in Fishkill, it’s possible to receive the dental care you need without feeling fear or anxiety. With the variety of options available at our office, your dentist can customize treatment based on your exact needs.

Sedation Dentistry Overview

Sedation dentistry is also called sleep dentistry, and it’s designed to help patients feel comfortable while receiving dental care. During sedation for dental treatment, you’ll receive a sedating medication or gas prior to receiving dental treatment. Different types of dental sedation are available, including oral sedation dentistry, laughing gas, and IV sedation dentistry. With the exception of general anesthesia, patients receiving dental sedation are awake and able to communicate with their dentist during treatment. Whether you require a simple or complex procedure, most patients can be considered candidates for dental sedation.

How Much Does Sedation Dentistry Cost?

Your sedation dentistry cost will depend on the type of sedation you receive and how long it takes to complete your dental procedure. Our sleep dentistry options are quite affordable, but we encourage you to inquire about our financing and flexible payment options to help you find a solution that fits your budget.

Why Choose Dental Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is tailored to meet your unique needs, and there are many reasons to choose this treatment option at your next appointment. Reducing dental anxiety and helping to feel more relaxed are top reasons why patients choose dental sedation, but others choose sedation because they have a low pain tolerance or a sensitive gag reflex. Schedule your appointment today to learn how you can benefit from getting sedation dentistry in Fishkill.

What Are the Different Types of Sleep Dentistry?

Here’s an overview of our dental sedation treatments:

Nitrous oxide: Laughing gas, also called nitrous oxide, is one of the most common forms of dental sedation. When choosing it, your dentist will place a small mask over your nose. You’ll breathe in a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen, which will help you feel relaxed within minutes. Although you’ll feel more relaxed and calm, you’ll stay awake and be able to interact with your dentist.

Oral sedation dentistry: With this sedation method, you’ll take a prescribed medication one hour before your scheduled procedure. Most patients are prescribed Halcion, which is closely related to Valium. You’ll feel drowsy after taking the medication, but you’ll likely stay awake during treatment. Some patients are able to fall asleep during their procedure.

IV sedation dentistry: If you choose IV sedation, your dentist will administer a medication intravenously. The medication works quickly as it’s distributed through your bloodstream, and it helps you achieve a deep level of sedation. Your dentist can also manually adjust the level of sedation you receive during your procedure.

Deep sedation: As a form of general anesthesia, deep sedation involves receiving medications that cause you to fall into a deep sleep. During deep sedation, you are unconscious during treatment.

We offer several different forms of sedation dentistry from the list above, and our dentists can customize a treatment plan for you.

What Are the Benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

Dental sedation is an ideal option for anyone who has anxiety or feels afraid about going to the dentist. Knowing that you can receive dental care without feeling nervous makes it much easier to visit your dentist regularly. If you’re afraid of needles and feel nervous about having your teeth or gums injected with numbing agents, dental sedation can help you have a stress-free experience. With sedation dentistry, the dentist is able to perform multiple procedures in only a single visit to the office. This means that even if you require extensive procedures, you can receive the treatment you need in fewer visits. Lastly, patients with a sensitive gag reflex can receive dental treatment comfortably.

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Sedation?

For many patients, sedation dentistry insurance coverage depends on whether it’s considered a medical necessity. For example, procedures requiring anesthesia may be covered under most policies. Ask your provider about which types of dental sedation are covered.

How Long Does Dental Sedation Take to Wear Off?

The type of dental sedation you receive will determine how long the effects of sedation for dental treatment will last. Nitrous oxide is the mildest type of dental sedation available, and since its effects wear off very quickly, most patients can safely drive home after their appointment. The effects of stronger sedation methods, including IV sedation dentistry and oral sedation, can take several hours to wear off completely. For this reason, it’s unsafe for patients to drive afterward, and transportation arrangements will need to be made.

If you’ve been delaying getting dental care because of anxiety, you may be a candidate for our stress-free sedation dentistry in Fishkill. Our experienced dentists will create a plan that best meets your needs, so you can finally feel relaxed during dental treatment. Call us today at (845) 764-9315 or book an appointment online.

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