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Who do parents choose as a pediatric dentist?

Children have unique dental care needs and their teeth must be taken care of from a very early age by a pediatric dentist. These dental professionals are specially trained in dentistry for kids. This has led millions of parents to wonder, “Is there a children’s dentist near me?” If you’re one of these loving parents, you’re in luck because you and your family will find the finest pediatric dentist in Yorktown Heights at our kid’s dental care practice. We specialize in dentistry for children and strive to provide you and your child with a comfortable and compassionate dental experience that prepares them for a lifetime of good dental health.

When is it time to make an appointment with a kid’s dentist?

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry advises all parents to take their child to see an expert in dentistry for children by the age of one? This is because a child can get a cavity from the time their first tooth emerges and flossing is required as soon as they have two adjacent teeth.

In addition, there is a rampant dental problem among babies and toddlers referred to as baby bottle tooth decay, which can occur from extensive tooth exposure to the sugars in juice, milk, and even baby formula. To protect their young child’s teeth, parents should avoid letting their child go to bed with a bottle or sippy cup filled with these liquids and take the child to see a kid’s dentist regularly to detect any sign of the condition.

What is involved in a visit to a pediatric dentist?

During your child’s visit, our children’s dentist will evaluate your child’s teeth and jaw alignment for any potential dental issues. We want your child to feel completely at ease with our care, so we allow children to either be examined in the dental chair or on a parent’s lap based on their age and comfort with an exam. We occasionally recommend dental X-rays for older children to detect problems not visible to the eye, but do not require them for very young children.

Beyond the basic examination, we offer numerous child-friendly services to clean, treat, and protect your child’s smile, such as:

  1. Baby and Toddler Teeth Cleaning: Our dentists and hygienists are exceptional at encouraging kids to relax and allow their teeth to be gently cleaned.
  2. Filling Cavities in Children: If your child has a cavity, our dentist will carefully remove the damaged part of the tooth and repair it with a tooth-colored filling or an amalgam filling.
  3. Fluoride for Children’s Teeth: Topical fluoride is used to provide a natural, protective layer over the teeth to make them more resistant to decay.
  4. Sealants for Kids: Dental sealants are very popular with parents because they help protect the chewing surfaces of a child’s rear teeth from tooth decay caused by trapped food particles and bacteria.
  5. Dental Bonding: A tooth-colored dental material is used to repair small fractures and chips in a child’s teeth.
  6. Root Canal for Kids: This procedure may be only way to save a baby’s tooth when its inner pulp becomes decayed and painful. A technique called a pulpectomy is used to remove all of the damaged pulp from a tooth, while a pulpotomy is prescribed to cleanse just the top area of the tooth’s pulp chamber.
  7. Crowns on Baby Teeth: Pediatric crowns are used for children who have larger cavities or root canal treatment.
  8. Mouthguards: Sports and other athletics can cause significant dental damage, which is why the American Dental Association recommends that every child engaging in athletic activity wear a protective children’s mouth guard to lessen the risk of teeth become loose or lost.

While treatment is essential for healthy teeth, prevention of problems is just as important. This is why we provide parents and caregivers with helpful advice for caring for the child’s teeth at home on a daily basis. We will happily teach you and your child how to properly brush and floss. We also offer recommendations on which toothpaste and toothbrush to choose. In most cases, parents should brush and floss and a child’s teeth until they are old enough to do it themselves. Most kids can start brushing by age six, but flossing may take a few more years of practice.

You don’t need to spend another moment asking, “Where is a pediatric dentist near me?” You’ve already found our practice, which excels in dentistry for children. Call us today to schedule a consultation with a trusted pediatric dentist in Yorktown Heights.

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