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Periodontal disease: what is it?

When gum tissue is inflamed or infected, this is called periodontal disease. Depending on its severity, it can be called gingivitis and gum disease. This disease threatens the tissue that surrounds teeth and helps to hold them in place. It gradually develops over a long period of time. For Americans over the age of 35, it is the leading cause of tooth loss. The only time it is reversible is the first stage of gum disease—gingivitis. To treat periodontal gum disease in Yorktown Heights, our dentists work hard to help our patients improve and preserve oral health. Schedule an appointment immediately if you’re seeing symptoms of gingivitis gums. Early diagnosis increases the chances of reversing gum disease.

Know what causes gingivitis.

What causes gum disease? Poor oral hygiene! People who do not brush and floss as often as they should experience a buildup of a sticky, bacteria-laden substance called plaque. Tartar, which inflames your gum tissues, is hardened plaque. The treatment and prevention of gingivitis causes is crucial. In an advancing condition, infected gums fall away from teeth, which reduces support. Follow the gingivitis treatment instructions from your dentist and maintain diligent oral hygiene to eliminate the causes of gingivitis and work toward a gingivitis cure.

Learn the signs and symptoms of gum disease.

The signs of gingivitis are not hard to spot, as long as they are visible. Unfortunately, a person may have gingivitis for a period of time before there are signs. Happily, treatment and a gingivitis cure are possible at this stage, so it will benefit you to look for gingivitis symptoms and other symptoms of gum disease.

Know the following gingivitis signs:

  • Sensitive, red-colored, and puffy-looking gums
  • An unusual taste in your mouth or foul breath
  • The sight of blood when brushing or flossing

When your dentist sees the following symptoms of gingivitis, gum disease, and gum infection during an exam, he or she will be able to make a diagnosis.

The symptoms of periodontal disease you should know:

  • Gum tissues that appear swollen
  • Gums that are falling from the teeth’s base
  • Strange gaps between the teeth, or teeth that are loose
  • Pus between gums and teeth
  • At the gum base, pockets of inflammation will be apparent

Gum disease stages:


At the beginning stages of gum disease brushing and flossing may cause minor bleeding, often without pain. When these mild gingivitis symptoms are present, a rapid gingivitis cure is possible, because this is the first stage of gum disease. Early signs of gingivitis can be identified by our skilled dentists, and managed before signs of gum disease increase in severity.


Periodontitis may develop if gum disease symptoms aren’t taken care of. There may be permanent damage to the supporting tissues and bone holding teeth in place. Food and plaque becomes trapped in periodontal pockets within the gum line. The resulting bacteria accelerate disease progression. These advanced cases call for enhanced treatment measures.

Advanced Periodontitis

The tissues and bone that support teeth are completely destroyed in the final stages of gum disease. Advanced periodontitis causes teeth to shift, loosen, or fall out. These are severe consequences! Avoid them with meticulous dental hygiene and early dental health treatment.

Everyone should know how to cure gingivitis.

You may be asking yourself “Can gingivitis be cured?” Yes, possibly. An early diagnosis boosts the chances of effectively treating gingivitis and experiencing a gingivitis cure. Learn how to treat gingivitis from your dentist. A strict oral hygiene routine, along with professional oral cleaning, treats gingivitis early. An early cure is achievable with diligence and care. Contact us to schedule a dental evaluation as soon as possible to find out if you have the early stages of gum disease.

Many people with oral health problems wonder, “Does a dentist know how to cure gum disease?” Sadly, there is no gum disease cure once the condition has advanced beyond the gingivitis stage. When basic gingivitis treatment is inadequate, your dentist will schedule a more aggressive gum disease treatment plan. This may include antibiotic treatment, antibacterial mouth rinses, and scaling and root planing below the gum line. A periodontist (gum specialist) may be recommended. Gum surgery might be called for in dire cases. Unfortunately, there is no periodontitis cure. That’s why it’s vital to see a professional for advanced gum disease in Yorktown Heights before the condition progresses too far. Contact our office as soon as possible.

How to reverse gum disease.

You may be wondering, “Is gingivitis reversible?” It is! You can reverse gingivitis with self-care. However, your chances of successfully reversing gum disease with gingivitis treatment are much higher when you see your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. The gingivitis stage is when reversing gum disease can happen, so it’s very important you do not ignore early gingivitis symptoms. Fight gum disease and protect your smile with the help of our outstanding dentists. Your gingivitis cure could be days away if you schedule a consultation with us soon! Call us today at (914) 357-8916 or book an appointment online.

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