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When surgeries are performed in the mouth, this is called oral surgery. Jaw surgery and face surgery is called maxillofacial surgery. So together, oral and maxillofacial surgery is a specialty of dentistry dedicated to diagnosing and treating injuries, diseases, and defects of the mouth, jaw, and facial region. A related type of dental surgery called orthognathic surgery corrects misalignment and other irregularities of the jaw.

No one wants to hear that they need surgery. But when you’re wondering, “Who can I rely on for dental surgery near me?” contact our office for oral surgery in Yorktown Heights.

There are many different kinds of oral surgery services.

Wisdom teeth removal

You or someone you know may have undergone a wisdom tooth extraction. It’s very common. Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in the back of the mouth that come in during or after a person’s late teens.
Wisdom teeth removal may be recommended if:

  • The jaw is not large enough to accommodate them coming in properly.
  • They are coming in at a strange angle, endangering dental health.
  • Damage is being caused to your other teeth or jawbone.

Thankfully, this common procedure is less uncomfortable than it used to be. A local anesthetic will be used to dull the pain of one wisdom tooth being removed. If more than one are being extracted, the surgeon may recommend IV sedation or some other sedative. If the tooth/teeth are stuck under the gum line, this is called impaction. A sedative will also likely be recommended in these cases. The wisdom teeth removal cost depends on the procedure, the use of anesthetics, and many other factors.

Tooth extractions

A tooth extraction is recommended when dental decay, infection, or injury have made restoration of a tooth too difficult. Pulling teeth may also be required when one or more are affecting the alignment of your other teeth. In addition, a tooth may be pulled to make space for orthodontics, or if other teeth are having trouble coming in properly. There are many factors that go into tooth extraction cost, including how many teeth are being pulled and the specifics of the procedure.

Dental implants

Dental implants replace teeth that are missing or teeth that have been pulled. Without an implant, missing teeth can compromise the jawbone. To protect it, the tooth implant’s titanium post acts like the root of a natural tooth. In addition, implants help maintain facial proportions, reduce sagging and wrinkles, and prevent other teeth from sliding out of position. Dental implants are made of a variety of different materials, so the type and number needed add to the dental implant cost. Do not let the tooth implant cost discourage you. Implants can prevent much more expensive procedures from being necessary.

Oral cancer diagnosis

No one wants to hear the words “cancer diagnosis.” But in the case of oral cancer detection, there is a silver lining. Early oral cancer diagnosis improves oral cancer prognosis. Therefore, oral cancer screening can be an actual lifesaver provided by dentists.

Though tobacco use is one cause of oral cancer, it is not the only one. Oral cancer symptoms include thickening and lumps in the oral tissue, difficulties moving the tongue or the jaw, trouble chewing or swallowing food, a swelling jaw, or a pain in the ear.

Oral cancer treatment

Some treatment for oral cancer may be performed by an oral surgeon, but other treatments may be provided by other healthcare professionals specializing in cancer treatments. Oral cancer treatment may involve a combination of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Early detection increases the chances of an oral cancer cure.

Pre-orthodontic surgery

When a patient needs braces, there may be times when the extraction of one or more teeth is necessary to allow the alignment of the rest of the teeth. This is called pre-orthodontic surgery. Orthodontic surgery may also be needed to expose teeth that are below the gum line.
Other types of surgery related to orthodontics are orthognotic surgery and orthodontic jaw surgery. A dentist may have the patient wear braces for a period of months before these surgeries are performed. The orthodontic surgery cost is worth it. Without the surgery, the results from orthodontics may be less than satisfactory.

Pre-prosthetic surgery

To ensure a proper fit, dentures (sometimes called teeth prosthetics) may require surgery before being implanted. This is called pre-prosthetic surgery. During prosthetic surgery, surgeons may build up the gum line or the underlying bone, extract natural teeth, and remove hard bumps known as tori. When the jaw or temporomandibular joint are diseased or damaged, they may need to be replaced with a prosthetic jaw.

TMJ and TMD Treatment

Sadly, TMJ pain is common, and in response many dental offices have dedicated an area of their practice to providing TMJ pain treatment. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a small joint at the point where the lower jaw and skull meet. It allows the lower jaw to open and close. TMD refers to temporomandibular disorder, a problem with this joint that can lead to headaches, earaches, jaw pain, clicking sounds when moving the jaw, and an inability to open or close the mouth correctly.

Dentists will recommend non-surgical TMJ treatment and TMD treatment first. A common cause of TMJ is bruxism (teeth grinding.) Therefore, bruxism treatment may be recommended as a TMJ disorder treatment. Physical therapy, medications, and lifestyle changes may also help. If those don’t work, surgery may be recommended as a treatment for TMJ. Lifestyle changes, physical therapy, and medications may be part of the treatment for TMJ. TMJ problems may also be corrected by jaw pain treatment therapies.
“Lockjaw” is a term that sounds like it refers to TMJ problems. But actually, lockjaw refers to tetanus, a life-threatening bacterial disease. A medical doctor provides lockjaw treatment (treatment for tetanus), not a dental professional.

Plan your oral surgery consultation with surgeons you can trust.

Dental problems may be solved with one of the many non-surgical treatments or therapies available. Your primary care provider and your dentist can discuss your options with you. But if dental surgery is the only option, you’ll be asking, “Where is there oral maxillofacial surgery near me?

You can rely on our office for oral surgery in Yorktown Heights. Rest assured, we will help you every step of the way. Before surgery, we’ll explain how the procedure will work. During the surgery, we’ll ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. And afterwards, we’ll give you simple instructions on what to do next.

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