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What Is Involved in a Root Canal?

Sometimes, the tooth’s interior soft tissue, called pulp, can become exposed, infected, or damaged from a serious case of tooth decay. This results in major pain and also affects the function of the tooth. The best remedy is usually a root canal. This procedure is also known as endodontic treatment and is an effective way to eliminate the tooth’s unhealthy pulp and put an end to the pain.

When Is the Procedure Prescribed?

The tooth may not be able to naturally repair its diseased or damaged inner pulp. When this occurs, a root canal may be the only way to save the tooth. The following seven signs may indicate the need for this dental treatment:

  1. Extreme tooth sensitivity to touch or very warm and cold conditions.
  2. Nonstop moderate to significant tooth pain.
  3. Sudden pain in the tooth when biting.
  4. Tooth pain that keeps you up at night.
  5. Advanced stages of cavities.
  6. Discolored teeth.
  7. Redness and swelling of the gums near the tooth.

Which Types of Dentists Perform Root Canal in Yorktown Heights?

The procedure can be completed by a general dentist or an endodontist, who is a specialist in the treatment. The type of root canal dentist treating you will be based on the severity of your case, with endodontists often needed for more advanced cases or when teeth demand repeat treatment. It’s fast and easy to find a qualified dentist near you by simply calling our dental practice. Please contact us today to consult with one of our highly skilled dental practitioners.

What Is a Typical Root Canal Procedure?

Many people are surprised to learn that the basic procedure only requires about an hour or two to be completed. In most cases, the procedure proceeds as follows:

  • The root canal dentist will completely numb the tooth with a local anesthetic.
  • A small shield will be used to guard the tooth and keep the area clean.
  • A tiny opening will be forged in the crown of the tooth to allow the dentist to reach the tooth’s pulp.
  • Any damaged pulp will be taken out of the tooth and then special instruments will clean the canal.
  • The canal will be disinfected to eliminate lingering dirt and debris.
  • A substance called gutta-percha will be used to fill the canal before it’s sealed.
  • To stop the tooth from breaking, it will be capped with a root canal crown.

How Much Will a Dental Root Canal Cost?

A variety of factors contribute to the cost of a root canal in Yorktown Heights. For one, the price will depend on the extent of the tooth’s damage. Secondly, the materials required throughout the procedure will also affect the cost. Another is the location of the damaged tooth in the mouth, which will determine the number of roots that require repair. And the final factor is whether your treatment calls for a general dentist or an endondontist. If cost is a concern, you will be happy to know that a portion of the procedure may be covered by dental insurance. Our dentists can provide with an estimate of your costs after conducting a dental examination. To schedule an examination and discuss the costs of your treatment, please call us to make an appointment right away.

Are There Different Types of Procedures Available?

There are a few variations of the treatment. The standard procedure can repair and restore any tooth, but is usually done on the molars in the back of the mouth. If the initial treatment is not successful, then an alternative is an apicoectomy, where the dentist only removes the very tip of the root of the tooth. Another alternative, called a pediatric pulpotomy, eliminates just the unhealthy pulp of the tooth while keeping the nerve fully intact.

Is There Any Pain with Dental Root Canal Treatment?

In general, the treatment should be painless because the dentist will give you a local anesthetic prior to the procedure to ensure your comfort throughout. Afterward, some people report a very minor amount of pain that can be relieved with an over-the-counter pain medication. But if you experience any degree of pain or some other distressing symptom after treatment, you will need to call our office right away so we can stop your suffering and make sure you heal properly. Call us today at (914) 357-8916 or book an appointment online.

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