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Zoom!® Teeth Whitening – a Popular and Effective Option

Fact: first impressions count. When your teeth are stained, you may not feel comfortable about what people think when they meet you. Thankfully, there are many solutions for whitening teeth. There are many effective options for whitening teeth in Yorktown Heights.

One popular product to professionally whiten teeth combines a technologically advanced gel and a white light for teeth whitening. Zoom! Teeth Whitening only takes an hour to deliver whiter and brighter teeth. It’s fast, effective, and most people won’t experience any discomfort. Every year, millions are making a better first impression thanks to their dentist and the Zoom professional teeth whitening product.

You can also get great results at home with a few treatments from Zoom! The powerful dental whitening gel used with the white light is also available in take-home kits. A variety of gels are available in take-home kits; ask your dentist which formulation will give you the results you’re looking for.

There are many other teeth whitening options available.

Teeth whitening dentist treatments are the best option. The American Dental Association has looked at many of the teeth whitening products available at pharmacies, ranging from pastes and strips to kits and instruments. They reveal much variability in safety and effectiveness. Defective and/or misused whitening products have caused permanent damage to the teeth and gums. Ask for dentist teeth whitening recommendations at your dental office.

Don’t compromise your dental health in pursuit of whitening teeth. To ensure that you’re getting a safe and effective treatment, get teeth whitening at your dentist. Rely on professional treatment to give you a more confident smile!

The professional teeth whitening cost is worth it.

Teeth whitening prices depend on what the product or the treatment consists of. A dentifrice or dental strip designed to whiten teeth at home is going to cost less than professional teeth whitening prices. Another consideration on the price of teeth whitening is that most dental insurances will not pay for cosmetic procedures.

Teeth whitening dentist prices are generally higher than take-home treatments, because qualified staff are required for the treatment.

Zoom! white light teeth whitening: learn about the process.

There are many white light teeth whitening systems, but the Zoom! Teeth Whitening in-office treatment is one of the most popular. It’s also highly recommended by dental professionals. Using a white light teeth whitener may seem like a strange idea, but it is actually very common, with a long clinical track record of success.

Before the process starts, the dentist will give you an exam to ensure safety. If your teeth and gums are not healthy, or if you’re just in need of a cleaning, you may have to reschedule your appointment. Teeth whitening has best results on clean, healthy teeth.

If you’ve been given the green light for the whitening, a dental professional will note the current color of your teeth to determine where you are now, and what needs to happen to achieve results. Next, the teeth whitening gel will be applied, and your teeth will be put under the light for 15 minutes. A chemical reaction happens between the white light and the gel on your teeth to change the color. While you’re waiting, just imagine the all the smiling you’ll be doing in the near future.

After the 15 minutes are up, the dental professional will look at your teeth to determine how the whitening is coming along. They may apply a different amount of whitener gel, or change the intensity of the light. After treatments are through, your teeth may not be the exact color you had in mind, but you will appreciate the results. In fact, sometimes the 15-minute treatments work so well, you only need two or three. There’s a reason why the Zoom! white light teeth whitening system gets rave reviews from dentists and patients alike.

Professional teeth whitening gel: how is it used?

The Zoom! in-office treatment uses teeth whitening gel as part of the process. Zoom! take-home kits also contain the gel, along with a tray and a syringe applicator. The tray containing the gel is worn on your teeth for a certain time period. Provided directions are followed, it’s a safe, effective, and pain-free process for whitening teeth. There are different kits that are formulated for specific results. The teeth whitening cost will also depend on the formulation. Ask your dentist which formulation is right for you.

Follow dental whitening procedures carefully.

If you’ve chosen an in-office teeth whitening process, the dental professional will give you steps to follow throughout and after it’s done. For instance, there may be a list of food and drinks you’ll need to avoid for a couple of days after the whitening treatment for teeth. If you’ve purchased a teeth whitening treatment to use at home, it is very important to follow the instructions. If you have any questions at any time, please contact your dentist. You deserve to feel confident in your smile—plan your appointment for whitening teeth in Yorktown Heights today! Call us at (914) 357-8916 today to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online.

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